Office Stationery

Veronica just knew Harold was going to question her on the ledger for office supplies this month. Thankfully she could breathe a sigh of relief because she knew that Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto had the best stationery prices going in the region!



Both Tabatha and Felicity were shocked to see the engagement notice of Sarah. Whilst they were grateful to have picked up a copy of the newspaper from Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto they now also wished that they had stopped in at the Liquor Store for a bottle of wine, to help them drown their sorrows!


Keepsakes + Milestones

Miss Green was smiling on the outside, but yet sadly cringing on the inside. At the end of every year she'd get apples or pasta necklaces from her students. Thankfully she had young Connor in her class this year, and she had overheard him talking about the amazing Teachers Gifts at Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto, she couldn't contain her excitement any longer!



This time it was Tabatha that had to console Felicity as she realised that she had missed the last edition of your favourite gossip magazine. Oh dear, if only Felicity had realised that Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto could not only order the editions for her, but they could also put them aside until she came into town again, poor lass!


School Supplies

You couldn't wipe the smile off Jessica's face, no matter how hard you tried! All the girls crowded around her to see her stunning school new books. Jessica was so thankful that her mum had finally listened and took the booklist to

Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto this year instead! 



For weeks Margaret had hinted about a beautiful teapot, cup and saucer set she's seen at Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto. Now however, she released by the shape of the present that her hint fell on deafened ears! Or had it?... Just then she noticed a familiar sticker on the present, perhaps they had listened afterall and had found something else just as special from there for her she thought!



As he sipped on his Iced Tea, Julio read his diary entries about all the girls he loved before, who travelled in and out his door. He was glad they came along, but even more glad he bought a big enough diary from Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto to fit them all in!


Board Games, Puzzles + Toys

While engaged in a bout of  scintillating repartee, 

Thomas thought he'd sneak his checkers piece across the board. Make the 'right move' and make games night fun with the range of games, puzzles and family fun at Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto!


Baby Clothes

Just as he was feed his third spoonful of porridge, young baby Adam froze in horror! He was wearing his adorable onesie with the cute lil' giraffes on it that mum bought him from Gatton News, Gift, Stationery & Lotto. And it just occurred to him that the milk used was full cream! Mum might need to go back there again very soon... 

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